About Us

Global Progressive Hub (GPH) brings together leaders across the movement to build power for a peaceful, just, prosperous, sustainable and equitable world.

Founded in June 2015, GPH engages diverse national organizations with millions of members and provides them with opportunities to act. From human rights to the threat of nuclear war, we bring people together to promote a vision for American foreign policy grounded in our shared values.

Our Staff

Jeff Blum

Founder & Senior Advisor

Jeff Blum is a founder and senior advisor for the Global Progressive Hub. He is a leader of the Center for International Policy Common Defense Campaign, helping progressive organizations and activists to integrate foreign policy issues into their program activities. Blum was the founding executive director of USAction, a national citizen activist organization, and led the organization from 1999 – 2013. He was a founding leader of Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (2007) and a leader of the Pentagon Budget Campaign (2013-14). He was a founder and co-chair of Health Care for America Now, a 1000-organization coalition supporting national health care from 2007-2013.

As founding executive director of Pennsylvania Public Interest Coalition/Pennsylvania Citizen Action, he led efforts to end Contra aid and to divest state assets from South Africa (1987-89). He led reform of the state’s public utility code and passage of the state’s first public transit tax and Toxic Chemical Right to Know law. He has served on the boards of Citizens for Tax Justice, Americans United to Preserve Social Security, and the Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition. He was a founder of a Jewish social advocacy foundation.

Michelle Dixon


Michelle has helped manage a wide range of global issue campaigns and coalitions over the last decade and a half. Most recently prior to GPH she co-founded the Online Progressive Engagement Network, an alliance of the world’s leading national digital campaigning organizations.

As Outreach Director for the ONE Campaign (2005-08), she played a key role in growing the campaign from its initial 11 founding partners to a coalition of over 170 major non-profit, advocacy and humanitarian organizations and transitioning the initiative into an independent organization with more than 2.5 million members. Following ONE, she served as International Campaigns Manager for the Global Campaign for Education (2008-11) (an alliance of over 1000 NGOs and teachers’ unions) where she led their work in G20 countries and drove several major campaigns such as 1GOAL, a multi-sector initiative backed by FIFA which generated over 18 million supporters worldwide. And as Outreach Director of the US Climate Action Network (2011-12) she coordinated the engagement of CAN’s members, allies and constituencies. She worked as Constituency Outreach Director for the Kerry Campaign in Oregon, on grassroots advocacy projects in India, Uganda, Ecuador, Indonesia and Mexico and founded the Student Trade Justice Campaign. Michelle did her undergraduate and graduate studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs.

Ben Armbruster

Communications Director

Ben Armbruster is the Communications Director for the Global Progressive Hub. He has more than a decade of experience working at the intersection of politics, foreign policy and media, most recently playing a pivotal communications role in the domestic campaign to support the Iran nuclear agreement. He holds a bachelor of arts in history from Ohio University and a master of arts in international relations from King’s College London. Ben previously held senior editorial and management positions at Media Matters, ThinkProgress and ReThink Media.

Aubrey Manahan

Program Fellow

Aubrey Manahan is the Program Fellow for the Global Progressive Hub. An activist and community organizer, she has worked on issues of social justice, human rights, labor, and the environment. Aubrey graduated from UCLA with honors and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies.  She is currently an MA candidate at American University for her Masters in International Development, with a concentration in Economics and Environmental Development.

Design Team

The Global Progressive Hub design team is comprised of leading political activists from diverse constituencies including faith, labor, climate, peace, security, progressive netroots, women and youth movements.

Ben Brandzel is the Founder and Director of OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network), an alliance of the world’s leading national digital campaigning organizations. Ben served as the original Advocacy Director for MoveOn.org and directed new media campaigns and fundraising for President
Obama at OFA during the health reform campaign in 2009-10.

Keya Chatterjee is Executive Director of US Climate Action Network (USCAN), a network of 140 member organizations working to promote climate action in the US, and serves as one of 20 nodes of CAN
International. Keya’s work focuses on building an inclusive movement in support of climate action. Prior to joining USCAN, Keya served as Senior Director for Renewable Energy and Footprint Outreach at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), where she worked for eight years.

Cathy Feingold directs the AFL-CIO’s International Department and brings more than twenty years of experience in global worker and human rights issues with a focus on trade union rights, women rights and global economic justice.

Heather Hurlburt has built a career perched at the intersection of foreign policy and American politics. Currently, she directs the New Models of Policy Change project at New America, exploring when and how cross-ideological cooperation can break logjams in American politics. Previously, she ran the National Security Network, a premier source for progressive internationalist foreign policy messaging and advocacy.

Michael Huttner is a corporate and political strategist, attorney and entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Fenton and previously served as President of the Huttner Group, Inc., a Boulder-based firm that helps solve complex financial, communications and public policy problems.

Taylor Jo Isenberg is Senior Advisor to the President and CEO at the Roosevelt Institute. Previously, she
was Vice President of Networks, leading strategy and dramatically expanding the organization’s unique approach to civic participation while building the organization as a lifelong intellectual home for its members.

Stephen Miles is the Director of Win Without War and oversees all organizational operations, strategic planning, and programmatic work.

Diane E. Randall is the Executive Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), which fields a team of 16 registered lobbyists along with a strategic advocacy team that engages a national network of committed advocates in non-partisan lobbying for peace and social justice.