RESOURCES: Oppose Rex Tillerson’s Nomination As Secretary of State

This is a compilation of statements, letters, articles and videos regarding ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s qualifications, reliability and trustworthiness to serve as our next Secretary of State.

From his conflicts of interest, and close connections with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other despots, to his disregard for human rights as Exxon CEO, and climate science denial, it is clear that Mr. Tillerson’s confirmation should be in doubt.

And now that President Trump has imposed a ban on Muslims from certain countries coming to our country, it’s equally troubling that Mr. Tillerson didn’t rule out the creation of a Muslim registry during his confirmation hearing earlier this month.

Also during that hearing, Mr. Tillerson refused to recognize and condemn obvious examples of human rights violations around the world, including in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, wouldn’t acknowledge the human role in climate change, suggested the U.S. and NATO should have confronted Russia militarily after its annexation of Crimea, and possibly put the U.S. on the path to military clashes with China – proving he is uniquely unqualified to be Secretary of State.

Since the hearing, more national organizations have come out in opposition to Tillerson’s confirmation, and media outlets and opinion writers all over the country have taken notice: Rex Tillerson should not be the next Secretary of State.


Click here for a collection of organizational statements opposing Rex Tillerson’s Nomination as Secretary of State

Click here for a collection of congressional statements regarding Rex Tillerson’s Nomination as Secretary of State


77 National Organizations call on the Senate to Reject Tillerson

Publish What You Pay – Global Civil Society Coalition with over 700 member organizations spanning nearly 60 countries around the world, many of which host ExxonMobil operations. (submitted into the Senate hearing record by Cardin)

International Corporate Accountability Roundtable and 15 other civil society organizations


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Time: “Chinese Media Has Told Rex Tillerson to ‘Prepare for a Military Clash’”

NPR: “In China, State Media Blast Tillerson’s Comments On South China Sea Islands”

The New York Times: “How Rex Tillerson Changed His Tune on Russia and Came to Court Its Rulers”

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The Washington Post: “Rex Tillerson couldn’t recall ExxonMobil subsidiary’s work with Iran. Here’s the proof it happened.”

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Los Angeles Times: “Why read a 5-year-old book about ExxonMobil now? Two words: Rex Tillerson”

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Boston Globe: “Rex Tillerson is unqualified to be secretary of state”

The Guardian: “Rex Tillerson is big oil personified. The damage he can do is immense”

Dallas Morning News: “Senate must look closely at Tillerson’s record in Africa”

In These Times: Rex Tillerson could be America’s Most Dangerous Secretary of State

The Hill: “$135 billion reasons Rex Tillerson is wrong”

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Medium: “Human Rights Concerns Remain over Nomination of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State”

Medium: “Is the State Department Doomed Under Tillerson?”

Oil Change International: “Rex Tillerson: Unprepared. Unqualified. Unacceptable.”

Global Research: “Rex Tillerson and the Myths, Lies and Oil Wars to Come”


Reject #RExxon: The nomination of Rex Tillerson, CEO of one of the largest and most environmentally destructive fossil fuel corporations in the world, to serve as the United States’ top diplomat is not only unprecedented – it’s dangerous and irresponsible.

Exxon Hates: Trump has nominated Big Oil’s dream team to his Cabinet. Rex Tillerson, CEO of EXXON, is their captain. Let’s reject Rex as the first step in challenging Trump’s entire corporate Cabinet. (Oil Change International/Other 98% ads)

Protect America: NextGen Climate Ads

Truman: We’re concerned how often Rex Tillerson couldn’t answer questions about American security, interests, and values.

CREDO: Secretary of “I have no knowledge”

#VetsRejectRex: Veterans in Senator McCain’s office respectfully request he vote NO on Tillerson