STATEMENT: Trump’s Decision To Rescind Protected Status for Haiti is a Tragedy

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

WASHINGTON — Global Progressive Hub Director Michelle Dixon released the following statement in response to the Trump administration rescinding Temporary Protected Status to  nearly 60,000 Haitian nationals:

The Trump administration’s decision to rescind Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti, following the administration’s recent announcements terminating TPS designations for Sudan and Nicaragua, is a tragedy and yet another appalling reminder of this administration’s contempt for vulnerable immigrant communities.

Rescinding TPS for Haiti now curtails America’s commitment to values of inclusion, human rights, and global engagement with integrity, while fueling exclusion, xenophobia, and human suffering.

A repatriation of nearly 60,000 Haitians will put vulnerable people in harm’s way, disrupt Haiti’s already fragile multiple-disasters recovery process, and strain a public health and looming cholera crisis.

Given the historic levels of displacement and ongoing humanitarian crises that have devastated millions of people in regions across the world, now is not the time to revoke our pledge to provide refuge and economic opportunity to tens of thousands of Haitians who fled their country after a devastating earthquake and hurricane. What’s worse, the Trump administration expects them to return to desperate and cruel situations, often fueled by the climate change that the United States heedlessly and disproportionately drives.

A strong, principled, U.S. foreign policy should reflect our shared values of prioritizing human security and well-being of all peoples around the world, regardless of age, income, nationality, religious affiliation, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. The Trump administration’s decision — as it has shown with the reversal of DACA, and other systematic attacks on immigrant and refugee communities, in addition to its disregard of climate science and the dismantling of U.S. foreign assistance programs — disregards these values and further isolates the United States within the global community.